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 English [TRS]Server Rules

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The Server Rules!

- no run and gun..you will get next to three warnings a ban!
- no hunting!
- no close revenges!
- no spawnkilling!
- no bitchfights!
- use english language
- no use our tag [TRS]/its only for US

You do not have to shoot and run. The server is only for snipers and campers...

Do not hunt the hidden players.

If somebody kills you and you know where he is located do not cross the map to reach him and to take revenge.

You must find an appropriate place where you can camp and where you can aim at him.

Be careful with the "spawn protect".

The "respawn" period (rebirth) is the 7 second period of time in which you have to find a good hiding place where you can aim and shoot your enemies.

In the "respawn" period you are not allowed to shoot anybody because you will be dead. Also nobody else can shoot you, but if he does he will also be dead.

No team play. This server follows the rule "each for himself".

Do not offend in any way the players from the server. Do not use an offending nick.

No recruting other players on our server.

Respect all these rules and everything will be ok.

If you have any problems or you need to know something ask an admin if there is one, or send an email to one of the admins!
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English [TRS]Server Rules
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